What is Corporate America Office Syndrome (C.A.O.S.)®?


C.A.O.S.® is a repetitive stress injury that overloads the upper body from continual movements or long periods of inactivity due to work and/or home responsibilities. 

C.A.O.S.® is a syndrome that has very specific and uniform signs and symptoms.  It is very unique to Corporate America however, certainly not limited to the corporate setting.  What ties this unique syndrome to the corporate world is the direct association with improper office ergonomics or the incorrect position(s) of the workplace setting.

Common Signs


  • Pain between the shoulder blades. 

  • Sensation of pain directly beneath the shoulder blade(s). 

  • Neck pain in the mid-neck. 

  • Pain in the base of the neck with associated headaches.

  • The top of their shoulders are tight, painful or sore.

  • Carpel Tunnel/Numbness/Tingling.

Other people affected by C.A.O.S.


You don’t have to work in an office setting to experience the C.A.O.S.®  New mothers/fathers, carpenters, electricians, nurses, police officers, teachers and postal workers can also be susceptible to C.A.O.S.®




How can I get RELIEF?


(1) You can begin by having furniture that is ergonomic friendly.  

(2) Making sure your computer and other equipment is positioned correctly. 

(3) Being conscious of your posture while typing on the computer and doing other duties.

(4) Seeking consistent Chiropractic Care and following the recommendations by the Doctor. We are one of the few Chiropractors open on the weekend.




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